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Gestures mean more than a lot of words…PART II

Note: Maybe i’m romantic but i think really cute when men open the door, pull the chair(gentleman), give us flowers/notes for no reason(birthday,valentine’s day), don’t get me wrong i don’t want a charming prince but i would love not only hear  “I love you” but to feel like i’m loved, by gestures or when they say words with more meaning like “When I was afraid of everything else, I was never afraid to love you”!!!

So… i will do some posts with scenes/characters that meant something for me! THE GREAT GESTURE!

And the list goes on: Julian Baker Part II

I love Naley(he did a lot of bad stuff and so is haley) and Leyton(he was always indecisive about brooke peyton lindsay…) but Brulian is in my opinion so real and kind that i choose him(he always knew she was his other half) :)


What We Love About Him

I love he helped to find Sam
I love he loves GREASE II and BREAKFAST CLUB
I love he said I LOVE YOU first
I love Julian because he respects the ladies
I love how he is sweet and friendly to everybody
I love that he has humor
I love he wanted Sam and Brooke to be his family.
I love he brings her coffee
I love that he is a great director
I love he is great with kids
I love the innate kindness of his heart
I love how smart he is
I love that he loves the girl from the book..the other girl
I love he is the faithful type
I love how devoted he is to the woman he loves
I love when he shaves
I love that he planned his marriage since he was kid: Pink-and-black color scheme, First dance “hopelessly devoted to you,” Peonies for the flowers, And a pineapple orange torte cake.Did He mention he loved “grease 2”?
I love the way he propose to her
I love she is his other half
I love his smile

Reasons Why We Love Him

Because wine says do me…and he brought wine
Because she’s the reason he connected to the book
Because she has an evil bitch mother and he has a perennially disappointed father
Because they would be a power couple
Because he thinks she’s a ‘hot’ designer
Because he wanted her work for his movie
Because he is THAT guy.
Because he cares for Brooke & Sam.
Because here’s to “that day”.
Because it would be.
Because the STONER and the PRISS end up together.
Because he gave her his letterman jacket.
Because he came for the girl in the book…the other girl.


“You Know I Love You, Don’t You ” [7.11]

Julian: Love My Girl…Hey, I don’t need kids to make me happy. I just need you, Brooke Davis.
Brooke: What did I do to deserve you?

“Some Roads Lead Nowhere” [7.12]

Julian : I came here to tell you two things. The first is that I love you and I miss you and I want to be with you. And the second is… I’m gonna make that movie with Alex.

Brooke : When did you meet Peyton?

Julian : In L.A. You know that.

Brooke : No. Specifically, the moment you met her.

Julian : She had just broken up with Lucas, and she was crying in the copy room of a record label.

Brooke : And when did we start being us?

Julian : You needed help with Sam.

Brooke : And now Alex.

Julian : My mom used to be the most amazing woman. She had this magic inside her. And after a while, she felt unloved or unworthy. I don’t know. My dad was always working, and I was just a kid. I was always gone, just doing whatever kids do. No one reminded her how special she was. No one tried to stop her when she took that extra drink or those extra pills. And… Eventually, her fire burned out. And she became the not-so-special person she thought she was all along.

Brooke : Julian, you can’t fix your mom by fixing Alex.

Julian : I know, but maybe I can help her before her fire burns out. And if not… at least I tried.

“Weeks Go By Like Days” [7.13]

Haley: Knock, knock! Tickets, anyone?

Brooke:Haley! Hey. You could have left these at will call.

Haley: I can’t leave a hug at will call.

Brooke and Haley: Missed you. Missed you, too.

Haley: So, excessive sketching. What’s been going on?

Brooke: Nothing.

Haley: Brooke.

Brooke: It’s me and julian. I…I thought that this time apart was gonna help, and I just feel stuck.

Haley: Brooke, julian loves you, and you love him.That is a good place to be stuck.

Brooke: Yeah. But this thing with alex, hales…Did you ever doubt nathan,even for a second, During that whole mess with renee?

Haley: I’m not proud of it, but, yeah, I did.And he kept telling me the
whole time that it was nothing. Guess what - in the end, it was nothing.

Brooke: Yeah, but you’re naley.

Haley: Brooke, I know trust has always been hard for you.But alex isn’t peyton.And julian is not lucas.

Victoria: You wanna stroke your ego? Don’t break my daughter’s heart in the process.

Julian: Brooke’s heart was already broken when I met her, but you know that since you’re the one who broke it, I’ve been the one trying to mend it.”

Victoria: Right now you are nothing doing a good job…You want Brooke? Stand up and be that hero that you put in all your movies. Fight for her!

Julian: I have been… I can’t fight for us by myself …

Victoria: Honey, I don’t want you to be with alexander. i want you to be happy…Do you still love Julian?
Brooke: Of course…
Victoria: Well, he came to see me today, And I told him to fight for you..But he has been fighting hasn’t he? Look Don’t let this “taking space” be a long way to “goodbye. “
Brooke: Bitchtoria is getting soft.

“Family Affair” [7.14]

“Don’t You Forget About Me” [7.15]

Julian:..But going back to high school just makes me feel like a geek, not really a confidence booster.
Brooke: Well I’ve seen my share of 80’s movies and if I’ve learned anything, it’s that nothing boosts the geek’s confidence like a kiss from the cheerleader.
(they kiss)

Alex: “Some advice from one Alex to another, don’t fall in love with Brooke Davis. Those two are gonna end up together, even if they don’t know it yet.”

“My Attendance is Bad But My Intentions Are Good” [7.16]

Brooke: Well for what it’s worth, I think you are doing great.
Julian: Thanks, coming from you that means everything.
Julian: Hey Brooke, I miss you.
Brooke: Coming from you that means everything too.

“ The Last Day of our Acquaintance ” [7.18]

Julian: So, basically, you still don’t trust me?
Brooke:No, basically I got jealous, because I am in love with you Julian and I always will be. And that’s gonna make me do stupid things sometimes, because love is crazy, and I’ve been crazy I know. First I thought you were falling for Alex, then last night I went to your hotel and I thought you fell for Alex, I’m sorry.
(they kiss)
Julian:You think too much Brooke Davis

"Every Picture Tells a Story" [7.19]

Brooke: I need my boyfriend on my arm tonight at Quinn’s gallery opening.

Julian: You’re kind of liking calling me “Boyfriend” Again, aren’t you?

Brooke: Yeah. It has a nice ring to it, don’t you think?

Julian: Brooke…I’m glad we’re back

Julian: You remember what you said to me our first night here?
Brooke: What if we ruin it?
Julian: Every night I spent away from you,I dreamed about being back here… in this room, in this bed, with you. I dreamed about us, Brooke. And now we’re here. We’re back.And you look even more beautiful than in my dreams. I love you. I never stopped loving you, not for one night, not for one moment. And I never will. Nothing can ruin us, Brooke Davis.

"Learning To Fall" [7.20]

Brooke: Welcome to Brooke’s spa. We hope you enjoy your stay.
Julian: [(Puts bath foam on her face)] Trust me, it’s great for the skin.
Brooke: In that case… :[(The phone ring)] Seriously? That thing has been ringing nonstop. Didn’t the shoot just end?
Julian: Yeah, but editing just started.
Brooke: You just did the thing.
Julian: What thing?
Brooke: Whenever you’re passionate about something, your eyebrows tighten up I saw it a lot on set. And even though I think it’s kind of sexy, I’m worried about you.
Julian: Why? Because I’ll never win the world poker championship?
Brooke: No. Because when you’re passionate about something, you put everything you have into it. Have you stopped for one second to relax?
Julian: Yes. For about five hours every night.
Brooke: Sleeping doesn’t count. I’m serious, Julian. I need you to take care of yourself because I want you to live for a long, long time.
Julian:Well, I will as long as I have you.
Brooke: Brooke’s spa will always be here to help you recuperate.

"Almost Everything I Wish I’d Said The Last Time I Saw You" [7.22]

Julian: It’s pretty magical isn’t it?
Brooke: It’s so beautiful, this whole trips been perfect…
Julian: Well, I have to admit I had a little help. Last night at the bar, Jamie gave me a gold star for luck…do you wanna see it?
Brooke: Yeah
Julian: Oh wait, that’s not it, that’s the engagement ring I got for you…where’d I put that thing? Hey… Everyone says that the next thing I do, the next choice I make is going to define me, my career, my life… well, the next thing I wanna do is ask you to be my wife. And tell you how much I love you, and how nothing else matters. When I look into your eyes, Brooke I see the rest of my life… I see it with you. Marry me, Brooke Davis…
Brooke: Yes, ok. I want to so much…

Brooke: You know what I liked best about the movie?
Julian: What’s that?
Brooke: You get the sense that they’re going to all live happily ever after.
Julian: They are.

Asleep At Heaven’s Gate [8.01]

Julian:  That ring looks sexy on you.
Brooke:  You look sexy on me.
Julian:  I’ve been thinking about this whole, we’re not able to have a baby thing; I was thinking maybe we should try for a few hours.  And then, try again for a few more hours,  and I’ll wake you up in the morning, and we can try all day tomorrow.
Brooke:  That sounds perfect.  [Julian kisses her] That’s good.
Julian:  I know you, Brooke Davis.
Brooke:  You sure do.

Brooke: Good morning, fiancé.
Julian: Oh, no. Not again.
Brooke: “not again” what?
Julian: This happens all the time. I sleep with a girl, and then the next morning, It was so amazing, she starts planning the wedding.
Brooke: Be careful, mister. Speaking of, Peyton says hi.
ulian: Oh. Ouch….By the way, we don’t need any of this stuff Because I’ve been planning my dream wedding since I was nine.
Brooke: Seriously?
Julian: I’ve been planning my dream wedding since I was nine. Pink and Black color scheme, first dance “Hopelessly Devoted to You,” Peonies for the flowers, and a pineapple and orange tort cake. Did I mention I love Grease 2?

Brooke: Everything’s gone.
Julian: I’m not.

I Can’t See You But I Know You’re There [8.02]

Brooke: It was my fault. I blamed my mom, and I blamed Milicent, but it’s my company and it was my fault.
Julian: You didn’t make them lie Brooke.
Brooke: No, I forced them to. Not directly, but I did with the choices I made.
Julian: Hey, you are not gonna lose the company. Okay? But even if you did, so what? You know, you’re here. We’re here. And after a day like today it all gets pretty simple, doesn’t it. They can’t take away your talent. You built that company with your talent and your instincts and no one can take those away from you.

The Space in Between [8.03]

We All Fall Down [8.04]

Brooke: What fairy tale did you bring me to?

Julian: This is the Biltmore estate.I thought it would be a nice spot for our wedding.I want my girl to have her dream.

Brooke: It’s beautiful.But is this okay?I mean,with everything going on, this wouldn’t be selfish?

Julian: No. No, and know why? Because years from now, when
we look back on this moment,we not gonna remember the trouble with your company, or the bad press, or even your mom being in jail.
We’re just gonna remember how great our wedding was.

Brooke: You think so?

Julian: Yeah. I know so. And when we look back on it…
I want to remember it like this… just… Perfect.
You of all peopledeserve it.

Julian: You’re doing the right thing and I love you for that…

Brooke: I’m gonna lose my company.

Julian: What do you mean? I thought Victoria fixed it.

Brooke: She did. And you know how? By screwing our investors.
We are surviving at the expense of all these people who put their hard-earned savings in our hands.

Julian: Okay, well… There’s got to become other way out.

Brooke: I’ve gone over everything. There isn’t.
How can I set foot in my store, in our offices, knowing that I kept them by deceiving people? I can’t. It’s over.

Julian: You know, Brooke… At the end of the day, all you really own in this world is your integrity and once you give that up, you can’t ever buy it back.

Brooke: I know.

Julian: Hey, come here.
 You’re doing the right thing. And I love you for that…

Nobody Taught Us To Quit [8.05]

Julian: You make sad look beautiful..Brooke Davis

Not Afraid [8.06]

Julian: How you feeling today, beautiful?

Brooke: Not very beautiful.

Julian:Oh. Okay. Well, I’m gonna go grab a mirror.Your reflection should take care of that.

Brooke: Stop.I’m not feeling very good about myself right now.

Julian: You want to talk about it?

Brooke: What’s there to talk about? It’s gone.Clothes over bros, everything I worked so hard to build it’s all gone.

Julian: Not all of it.

Brooke: Julian, I signed everything away.

Julian: Hey, come here.Tell me something. Why was Clothes over Bros so successful? Actually, I’ll answer that. It’s because of you. Every design, every detail, every idea came from somewhere inside of you. And that’s still there, you can’t sign that away.

Brooke: Clothes over Bros was me. Without it, I don’t really know who I am anymore.

Julian: Well good news, today’s halloween. And even though it’s a highly over-rated, creepy, witch holiday, the one perk of it is you don’t have to know who you are. You can be anyone you want today.

Sylvia: She is very nice.

Julian: And…

Sylvia: Well, she strikes me as a little high-maintenance, which wouldn’t be a problem if she hadn’t just lost all of her money.

Julian: Look, just get to know her. Okay?
Because when you do, I promise you’ll fall in love with her just like I did.

Brooke: Hi. Sorry I’m late. I just wanted to stop and pick this up on the way. It’s, um, sort of a collection of ideas that I had for the wedding…What’s left of them. I-I know we can’t afford most of them now, but I thought you might like to take a look anyway. Might be a nice way for us to get to know each other.

Sylvia: Well… I like that idea. Thank you, Brooke. The flowers here —
they are beautiful, Julian.Oh. Is this the dress?

Brooke:Yes. Don’t show that to Julian.

Sylvia: Oh. Sorry. Well, um…So the reason that I came a few weeks early is that I want to help with the wedding. Financially.

Julian: Mom, what are you talking about?

Sylvia: I’m gonna pay for everything. Whatever you need…

Julian:Mom, that is — …I’m gonna make this the wedding that you both always dreamed of.

Brooke: Sylvia…I don’t know what to say.

Sylvia: Well, you can start by calling me “mom.”

Brooke: Okay… Mom.

Sylvia: No. After the wedding. Oh. I’m kidding. Welcome to the family, Brooke.

Mouthful of Diamonds [8.08]

Julian: So, I’ve been thinking about this whole “being happy” thing,especially since I’ve been doing this documentary. And I feel like people get lost when they think of happiness as a destination.

Brooke: Like how do you mean?

Julian: Well, we’re always thinking that someday we’ll be happy.
You know, we’ll get that car or that job or that person in our lives
that’ll fix everything. But happiness is a mood,and it’s a condition,
not a destination. It’s like being tired or hungry. It’s not permanent.
It comes and goes, and that’s okay. And I feel like if people thought of it that way, they’d find happiness a lot more often.

Brooke: So, you think it’s okay to be a little miserable every now and then…Even when you have great things in your life?

Julian: Is it okay to be a little hungry now and then?

Brooke: Happiness is a mood, not a destination. I like that.

Julian: Well, for whatever it’s worth, you make me incredibly happy,
Brooke Davis.

Lists, Plans [8.10]

Julian: What are we looking for, anyway?

Brooke: Inspiration.

Julian: Ohh. What’s this? “Learn to speak French watch every James Bond movie.” What’s this?

Brooke: It’s a list Millie made for me years ago when I was rich of all the things that I always said I wanted to do.

Julian: “Climb K2”? Is “lose my entire company” on there? Cause we can go ahead and just cross that one off. “Go into outer space. Get drunk at Oktoberfest.” Did you ever do any of these?

Brooke: No. But it was comforting to know that I could’ve anytime I wanted to. Maybe not space, but…

Julian: Why didn’t you ever do any of these when you were rich?

Brooke: Too busy getting rich, I guess.

Woman: Bonjour! Je suis Juliette. Au revoir, c’est la vie, merci beaucoup, these may be French phrases you’re familiar with now but soon, you can live in Paris and never have to speak English again. How does that sound?

Brooke: That sounds amazing, actually.


Brooke: Julian, are you home?Someone broke into my car this morning and planted a French CD. And I’m really hoping it was you and not some psycho euro stalker.

(Reading)”Put this on.” Mettez cela sur.

Brooke: I’m all for trying new things, but I’m not sure I’m sold on this one yet.

Julian: It’s Oktoberfest.

Brooke: It’s not October.

Julian: Oktoberfest is a state of mind.

Brooke: You’re very clever with my list.

Julian:[ As Sean Connery ] Can I also interest you in a James Bond marathon, Miss Moneypenny?

Brooke: Okay, that was a terrible German accent.

Julian: [ Normal voice ] That’s not German. It’s Sean Connery.

Brooke: That was an even worse Sean Connery.

Brooke: I’m pretty sure I do a pretty good Sean Connery.

Julian: Let’s hear yours.

Brooke: Okay. Uh… [ As Sean Connery ] I’ll have mine stirred, not shaken.

[ Laughs ]

Brooke: All right, fine. We’ll go with yours.

Julian: [ As Sean Connery ] Splendid. Shall we begin, darling?

Part III

Brooke: I don’t think there was anything on my list about squeezing two grown people on an oversized toy.

Julian: You wanted to ride a motorcycle.

Brooke: I am quite certain that that is not a motorcycle. Motorcycle
is a state of mind?

Julian: It’s all they’d let me rent without a motorcycle license. Come on. It’s pretty fun, actually.It just feels like riding a jet ski, but on land.

Brooke: Oh, it sounds much safer now, thank you.

Julian: Everyone in France rides one. They’re quite fashionable.
Hop on, mademoiselle.

Brooke: Is this thing even legal to take on the roads?

Julian: Roads? Where we’re going, we don’t need roads.

Part IV

Brooke: Whoo. Absolutely not!

Julian: But it was on your list! You’ve always wanted to do it!

Brooke: I changed my mind! A girl can change her mind!

Man:Okay, now’s the time.You guys ready?

Brooke: No.

Julian: Give us just one minute here. I promise you it’ll be the second-most exhilarating 45 seconds of your life.

Brooke: What’s the first? Oh, a sex joke, which might be cute if we
weren’t 15,000 feet in the air with a quarter of the plane

Julian: Brooke, life is not which breaths you take when —wait, wait, wait. Life is not about taking the breaths that —

Brooke: what?

Julian: Hold on!

Man: We’re gonna miss our window.

Julian: “Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take,but by the moments that take our breath away.”

Brooke: Did you seriously just quote “hitch”?

Julian: Yeah, because it’s a really great quote. Life is about breathtaking moments like this.Let’s take the plunge.

Man: It’s now or never, guys.

Brooke: Fine!Now, before I change my mind.
I hate you.

Julian: I love you.Bon voyage!


Julian: I know you wanted to go to outer space,but due to budgetary restrictions,I thought maybe I could bring the moon to you.

Brooke: It’s beautiful.

Julian: It’s made of cheese, you know .At least that’s what they say.

Brooke: “They”?

Julian: Yeah, you know, the people that say those kinds of things.

Brooke: This one actually never made it onto the list because I didn’t think it was possible.

Julian: Outer space? No, I’m pretty sure it was on —

Brooke No. Finding a man who adores me as much as you do… And getting to keep him forever.


Julian:So, you had a good day?

Brooke: If it’s affirmation you’re fishing for, Mr. Baker, fish no more. I’m sorry I’ve been so up and down lately. They say the only thing that’s worse than being poor is being rich and then poor. And I certainly haven’t handled it well.

Julian: They?

Brooke: You know, the people that say those kinds of things.

[ Chuckles ]

They would probably also say  that I’m still richer than I’ve ever been… Because no matter how much money I have in my bank account,I know that my dreams can still come true because I’m with you.

Julian: That’s my girl.

Brooke: And it didn’t even come from “Hitch.”

[ Chuckles ]

Julian: You should know that…I plan on making every one of your dreams come true, for richer or poorer even the last one on that list.

Brooke: Which one’s that?

Julian: I will  give you a baby, Brooke Davis. Whatever it takes — fertility, adoption… Kidnapping.
[ Laughs ]

Brooke: I can’t wait to have a family with you. J’adore.

Julian: Wow. One day, and you’re already speaking French?

Brooke: And I’ve already picked out my favorite french word.

Julian: What?

Brooke: Fiancé.

Julian: You’ll have to learn the word for “husband” soon.

Brooke: Not soon enough.

Darkness on the Edge of Town [8.11]

Julian: I just need you to trust me. I’m not gonna leave you.
Besides, you’re gonna be my best man in our wedding, riging?
 So there’s no way I’m leaving you. It’s a promise.

Brooke: I’m sorry about earlier.

Julian: Shh! No, it’s okay. It’s my fault.

I’m gonna check that sexy leg of yours.

Brooke:Can you hear that? What’s that noise? What is it?

Julian:It’s the levee! I got to get you out now! We’re gonna drown!

I can do it.

Julian, he’s just a boy.
Hey. Jamie? Relax. He’s gonna get you out of here. Okay? I promise.

Brooke: Help him. Julian, he’s just a boy.

Julian: I can get you out, Brooke!

Brooke: Julian, save him,and then save me. Please? He’s just a boy.
And he loves you, and so do I.

Julian: I won’t leave you here.

Brooke: I know. Now go. It’s gonna be okay, jamie.

Julian: I won’t leave you! I’m coming back!

Brooke: I know! Go!

Julian: I’m here. Hold on, baby.
Where’s the crowbar?

Brooke: Julian…

Julian: Please, God, where is it? This isn’t happening. This isn’t happening.
We’re gonna stay right here in Tree Hill, you and me, together!
We won’t go to Los Angeles. I’m never ever gonna leave you again.
I love you.

Come on, Brooke.Hold on, Brooke.

Jamie: Yes, you got her! Is she okay?!

Julian:Come on, Brooke! Breathe! Come on, breathe! Brooke, come on. Don’t do this to me, baby. Come back to me! Come on, baby.
Come on, Brooke, breathe!Come on, Brooke. Live!

Oh, baby. I’m right here, and I’m not going anywhere.

The Drinks We Drank Last Night

JULIAN: You’re only getting married once, Brooke. I wanted it to be perfect.
BROOKE: It is. Unbelievably perfect.


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